Guided by the God’s everlasting life saving grace as set out in the Holy Bible:
Deepen the level of companionship with Jeanette, my wife, partner and friend.
Provide a stable, secure and happy home environment for the children within which they can grow and develop into God fearing interdependant adults driven by Biblical principles.
Perform meaningfull work with creativity and passion in order to provide adequate financial and other resources for my family, parents and those in need around us.
Seek to find a healthy balance between work and play.
Maintain and develop meaningfull relationships with friends and significant others.
Invest time and energy in my own spiritual and intellectual growth and physical well-being (vitality).
Have fun and show it.

Signed Hans March 8, 2001
Mahatma Gandhi Ralph Waldo Emerson 1 | 2
Marcel Peijnenburg Xander Verhof
Erlijn Mulder Ted Boeren
Albert ten Oever Rob van Weeghel
Anja Colijn Ester & Geert
Alfaris Lawalata Remco Claassen
Enny Keiren 1 | 2 Mayta Braun